Why choose DOME GROUP INC for your GFEBS training and on site support needs?

  • Our Associates understand SAP AND Army finance. Most providers only understand SAP, which means they cannot answer your questions on how you do your job.
  • At DGI we believe that nothing beats classroom hands on training. You cannot ask a computer screen a question, at least not yet.
  • The value of a live, instructor-led training experience is undeniable. If the instructor is a competent teacher who knows how to engage adult students so that they understand and retain the material, live classroom training offers the most bang for your training buck.
  • Over the last few years, the prevalence and choices available for online training has increased. We believe this development is a great complementary tool for an organization’s overall training plan. Unfortunately there is a move by cost conscious companies to provide training online without consideration for the drawbacks.
  • The goal of any training is to impart knowledge. Not everyone can learn by taking an online course, They need hand holding, they need to ask questions, they need the reassurance of a person over their shoulder telling them it will be alright they will learn this.

Upcoming Classroom Training

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